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The litigation and dispute resolution team acts on behalf MDDP's clients in their pursuit of justice, and represents their interests at all stages of court proceedings (civil, criminal and administrative), before the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Tribunal, the European Court of Justice, arbitration courts, the Appeals Department, and in their dealings with administrative authorities.  Members of this team are also responsible for all the formalities of registration procedures.

MDDP experts specialise particularly in litigation against the State Treasury. Such litigation is heard primarily by administrative courts, but also includes civil proceedings and criminal fiscal proceedings. MDDP professionals in the litigation and dispute resolution team are seasoned practitioners, and each of them has handled between several dozen and several hundred cases, appearing as a party’s attorney in the court room.

MDDP’s specialists in the area of dispute resolution also offer their involvement in pre-court procedures aimed at resolving disputes, such as negotiations with adversaries and mediation (the latter also used in court proceedings after the court refers the matter for mediation).