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Tomasz Olkiewicz
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Areas of expertise

Tomasz Olkiewicz, legal counsel,  partner.

Tomasz Olkiewicz has a wealth of experience in coordinating and participating in restructuring projects aimed at securing an effective legal and tax structure. He has managed a number of projects that involved restructuring the operations of companies as a result of changing market conditions (e.g. related to Poland's accession to the European Union or a changing business model). He has been a member of many steering committees coordinating work on complex projects. He is in charge of MDDP's pharmaceutical team and is developing the commercial law practice. Tomasz has participated in the work of parliamentary committees amending tax and commercial legislation. For the majority of his career, he has been involved in tax advice services. In the years 1995-2004, he worked for Ernst & Young, most recently as Senior Manager.

Tomasz Olkiewicz

(+48) (22)  322 68 88