About our work

One can admire the beauty of a soloist playing.You can appreciate the artistry, virtuosity and talent. Only when a soloist plays with an orchestra, however, can we see the multidimensionality of a piece, feel its power, and appreciate its depth.

MDDP is the symphony orchestra. With a full section of strings, winds and keyboards. Individual practices, as well as the competences of other companies in the MDDP group, are in harmony with each other and composed depending on the objectives and needs concerned.

Using our resources, international experience and in-depth knowledge of Polish regulations and business realities, we help our clients find the proven solutions that support the safe development of their business.

At MDDP, we are convinced that nothing is impossible for the well-coordinated team with strong competences, and a solution can always be found even if it is not that obvious.

Our relationship with the client are developed on particularly strong notes:


We never compromise on quality. It is an obvious priority for us.
We know from experience that details do matter, and in the legal field, they are the essence of success in our clients' cases.


There is no good legal advice without understanding the goals and substance of our clients' businesses.
Our advisors therefore combine in-depth regulatory knowledge with industry-specific understanding and extensive business experience.
On a daily basis, their knowledge is used by international corporations and the largest Polish companies from various sectors of the economy.


We are particularly close to our clients.
We value an individual approach and direct contact, which is why our clients work with an assigned team and a partner-level supervisor on a daily basis.
We try to offer MORE than what is regarded as a standard since we are convinced that these days “a standard” is not enough.


We look for specific solutions to the most difficult cases and provide answers that help our clients safely conduct their business.
The experience and knowledge of MDDP lawyers translates into reliable recommendations, regardless of the complexity and scale of the problem.


Every day we work on complex and often innovative projects involving various multidisciplinary competences of MDDP Group.
We are exchanging knowledge and we are looking for the best solutions and synergy effect together.
Thanks to close cooperation of all MDDP departments, we help our clients in taking the most important business decisions of legal, tax and financial nature.