• Selecting the appropriate form of the company for the planned activity and ownership structure
  • Establishing companies, partnerships, branches of foreign enterprises
  • Developing the company’s articles of association and internal regulations
  • Representing companies before the registry court for the purpose of registration in the register of entrepreneurs
  • Preparing joint-venture agreements, partners’ agreements, agreements with investors
  • Establishing companies with foreign capital
  • Providing legal services for start-ups, including ongoing advice when starting a business, reviewing business projects and developing investor relations
  • Providing support to the company’s bodies in commercial law issues, internal procedures, and managing the company’s affairs
  • Providing support for shareholders’ meetings and general meetings, including preparation of draft resolutions
  • Representing partners/shareholders towards the company
  • Preparing a draft amendment to the articles of association
  • Providing support in adopting resolutions on payment / allocation of profit
  • Providing support in terms of increasing and decreasing the share capital
  • Providing support for the process of redemption of shares
  • Preparing internal corporate documentation
  • Auditing the company’s corporate documentation
  • Providing support in the dematerialisation of shares
  • Restructuring within capital groups
  • Collapsing the structures of capital groups
  • Transforming companies
  • Conducting mergers of companies, including cross-border
  • Dividing companies
  • Liquidating companies
  • Dissolving partnerships without liquidation
  • Providing advice on the settlement of receivables and liabilities towards entities in the capital group which the liquidated company belongs to (datio in solutum agreements, netting agreements, assignment agreements, loan agreements)

MDDP Olkiewicz and Partners

The Corporate law Practice of MDDP Olkiewicz and Partners law firm is one of the Polish market leaders in this area of expertise. According to Global Law Experts, MDDP Olkiewicz and Partners is a leading Polish law firm specializing in Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Law, while Legal’s Finest recognized Tomasz Olkiewicz as a recommended corporate lawyer. The MDDP law firm is also distinguished in the IFLR1000 ranking among the best law firms specializing in Corporate Law and M&A.

We advise Polish and foreign enterprises at every stage of their business activity, from the selection of the optimal form of operation, through legal support in the scope of all current activities related to the operations of the company, to consultancy in the liquidation process.

As regards legal services, we combine traditional knowledge, extensive experience as well as understanding of and familiarity with modern business realities, which help us minimize legal risks for the company, its partners and management, so that our clients can focus on running their core business.

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