Financing green energy

Green energy, or renewable energy sources (RES), has enjoyed in recent years a steadily growing popularity among entrepreneurs.  The MDDP law firm provides legal advice to investors and contractors from the RES sector with regard to financing innovative investment projects (including wind farms, biogas plants and photovoltaic installations).

Our lawyers perceive the perspectives brought by renewable energy sources and solutions aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of entrepreneurs and offer comprehensive support in terms of developing a relevant transaction structure (including tax aspects in cooperation with the MDDP tax company) and preparing complete transaction documentation so that it meets the needs and expectations of the clients.

How can we help you?

  • Legal advice for RES investors and financial institutions in the process of financing the implementation of investment projects (development of legal and tax structure of the transaction)

  • Preparation of financial and corporate due diligence reports, including red flag reports

  • Preparation and negotiation of transaction documents (including loan documentation and other framework financing agreements as well as collateral documents)

  • Legal advice on establishing collaterals, including registration of registered pledges and mortgages

  • Preparation of legal opinions for the purposes of the transaction, both with respect to the legal capacity of the financed entity as well as the validity and enforceability of obligations assumed under the financing


    Legal advice on changing the terms of financing and the process of releasing existing collateral

What are the benefits involved?

  • Choosing the most advantageous legal and tax form for the project;
  • Ensuring contractual security in the implementation of the investment;
  • Developing and negotiating transaction documentation tailored to the needs of the investment;
  • Providing support in discussions with financial institutions in obtaining financing;
  • Conducting an analysis of the fulfillment of requirements that conditioned the award of financing.


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