• Providing legal advice to renewable energy sources investors and contractors with respect to the implementation of the investments, e.g. providing ongoing support for investment projects
  • Providing legal advice during the process of obtaining a building permit and an occupancy permit, as well as environmental decisions in connection with an investment in renewable energy sources
  • Providing legal advice in obtaining planning permissions and representation of investors in the procedures of adopting local zoning plans
  • Providing support during the transfer of permits in the case of purchasing real estate in connection with an renewable energy sources investment
  • Preparing all necessary applications and contracts for construction works
  • Drafting or reviewing the drafts of contracts related to a specific investment project in renewable energy, in particular preliminary contracts, sale contracts, land lease contracts, contracts for specific work, contracts for construction works and conducting negotiations in this regard
  • Drafting or reviewing design contracts for renewable energy sources installations, in particular energy efficiency improvement contracts, project contracts with customers, supply and installation contracts for renewable energy installations and service contracts
  • Representing clients before administrative authorities in the renewable energy sources investment process
  • Providing legal advice  to investors from the renewable energy sector and financial institutions during the process of granting financing for the implementation of investment projects
  • Developing the legal and tax structure of the transaction
  • Conducting legal analyzes and preparing due diligence reports as regards the financial and corporate law, including red flag reports
  • Preparing and negotiating transaction documentation (including loan documentation and other framework financing agreements and security documents)
  • Handling transactions in terms of verification of compliance with the initial and subsequent conditions for financing the investment
  • Providing legal advice  on establishing security, including registration of the registered pledges and mortgages
  • Preparing legal opinions for the purposes of the transaction, both in terms of legal capacity of the financed entity and in terms of the validity and enforceability of liabilities incurred under the financing
  • Providing post-transaction legal service, e.g. supervision over compliance with the assumptions of the investment project in renewable energy and proper performance of obligations resulting from the concluded transaction documentation
  • Providing legal advice  on changing financing conditions and the process of releasing existing securities
  • Providing regulatory advice and representation in administrative and court proceedings, eg. before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection as well as administrative and common courts
  • Preparing legal opinions on regulatory issues related to the renewable energy sources sector in terms of energy law, in particular renewable energy and European Union law

MDDP Olkiewicz and Partners

The Green Energy Practice of MDDP Olkiewicz and Partners provides legal advice to  renewable energy sources investors and contractors in the area of ​​financing innovative investment projects (including wind farm installations, biogas plants and photovoltaic installations).

We see the prospects of renewable energy sources and solutions aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of entrepreneurs and we offer comprehensive support in the development of the transaction structure (including tax aspects in cooperation with the MDDP tax company) as well as the preparation of a complete set of transaction documentation to meet the needs and expectations of the clients.

We provide the support of a highly specialized and experienced team of experts in the field of legal issues necessary to start and carry out the investment process in renewable energy – in particular in the area of real estate law, administrative law, energy law, business law and financial law.

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