• Preparing employment contracts, civil-law contracts (e.g. mandate contracts, service contracts)
  • Providing advice on drafting non-competition agreements, assignment of copyrights, training agreements, agreements on the use of company equipment
  • Preparing internal regulations and policies, in particular labour regulations, remuneration regulations, business travel regulations, regulations for the Company Social Benefits Fund
  • Preparing additional documentation required under labour law and personal data protection regulations
  • Providing support in communication with employees regarding implementation of planned solutions and regulations
  • Auditing employee documentation from the point of view labour law and personal data protection regulations
  • Counselling on termination of individual employment contracts and other employment contracts, including assessment of the reasons for dismissal and preparation of relevant documentation
  • Handling the process of collective redundancies, e.g. preparing a schedule of collective redundancies, developing relevant documentation, participating in consultations with employee representatives, preparing communications to employees
  • Counselling on the selection and implementation of employment restructuring in the organisation
  • Drafting agreements with employee representatives on changing employment conditions, including crisis agreements
  • Drafting regulations on whistleblowing within the organisation
  • Counselling on the implementation of a whistleblower protection procedure
  • Drafting anti-bullying and anti-discrimination procedures and preventing unequal treatment
  • Implementing solutions supporting communication among employees and conflict resolution
  • Providing training for middle and senior management on how to protect whistleblowers in the organisation
  • Preparing training for employees on mobbing, discrimination and unequal treatment
  • Implementing remote working or teleworking with preparation of relevant documentation and regulations
  • Developing employment structure
  • Counselling on external employment, including counselling on temporary work and outsourcing
  • Counselling on the organisation of working time systems and schedules, conducting an analysis of the working time systems used in the organisation
  • Providing ongoing support in areas concerning working time, order and organisation of work
  • Counselling on health and safety at work
  • Providing support in crisis situations management
  • Counselling on the choice of an optimum form of employment for executives
  • Drafting contracts and agreements for executives, including employment contracts, managerial contracts, resolutions of relevant bodies of legal persons
  • Preparing short- and long-term bonus plans for executives
  • Counselling on legal aspects of terminating cooperation with executives
  • Developing and implementing remuneration systems in the organisation
  • Developing bonus systems, bonus schemes and regulations concerning non-wage benefits
  • Providing support in preparation and implementation of incentive and loyalty systems for employees or a group of employees
  • Developing regulations and other documents related to Company Social Benefit Fund
  • Conducting an audit of the expenditure of the Company Social Benefit Fund
  • Counselling on the possibilities and modes of employment of foreigners
  • Providing comprehensive service of the process of employing foreigners (labour market test, obtaining a work permit or registering declaration on the employment assignment)
  • Providing support in legalization of stay of foreigners in Poland
  • Preparing and implementing comprehensive procedure of seconding employees, policies and regulations on employment secondment
  • Providing support in conducting negotiations with employee representatives, including trade unions
  • Developing principles of cooperation with trade unions, employee representatives, works council, European Works Council
  • Drafting, negotiating, amending and terminating collective labour agreements or other collective agreements
  • Counselling on industrial disputes
  • Supporting the employer in pre-court settlement of disputes with employees and co-workers – investigations, negotiations, mediation
  • Representing the employer in proceedings conducted by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), National Labour Inspectorate (PIP), tax offices
  • Representing employers in court disputes concerning all aspects of employment (appeal against termination of employment, mobbing, discrimination, unequal treatment, disciplinary penalties, non-compete infringements, accidents at work, overtime pay)

MDDP Olkiewicz and Partnres

The Labour Law practice at MDDP Olkiewicz i Wspólnicy advises clients in all areas of human capital management. We support executives and HR departments in the whole employment process – from recruitment consultancy, through selection of the form of employment, ongoing support in everyday personnel service, to termination of employment and possible disputes related to it.

We provide comprehensive advice on creating internal regulations, employment restructuring, cooperation with employee representatives or introduction of strategic projects concerning the staff. Members of the Practice have extensive experience in providing day-to-day services to companies in the area of human resources, as well as in transactional advisory in the area of labour law.

The Labour Law practice at MDDP Olkiewicz i Wspólnicy together with Employer Advisory Practice at MDDP form a group of specialised experts – advocates, legal advisors, tax advisors – and specialists in labour law, civil law, personal taxes and social insurance. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we provide recommendations aimed at reducing legal and tax risks in all key HR areas and support in employment processes where taxes and labour law are inseparably intertwined.

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